Improve product tracking and identification while adhering to industry regulations

The legalization of cannabis in many markets and states has created a demand for label printing and barcode solutions. Our specialized area of cannabis packaging and labeling enables us to provide clients in the cannabis sector a large selection of labeling supplies and printers that will enhance their operations.

Packaging Labels for Cannabis Brands, Distributors, & Retailers

  • Full-color custom printing of logos and designs in digital, color, and thermal formats
  • Shorten turn around times, and assure that your product is ready to ship as soon as possible
  • Wide selection of cannabis packaging labels for plastic bags, jars, and bottles, all of which may be used to package dried flowers, seeds, edibles, tinctures, oils, or pre-rolled products
  • Our labels meet FDA regulations for indirect food contact and are RoHS compliant
  • State and country-specific warning and compliance labels are available
  • Tamper-evident labels can be used on bags and jars to provide additional security
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Plant Identification Labels for Cannabis Growers

  • Identifies the plant, not the pot, ensuring every plant remains clearly labeled from seed to sale, even if repotted or moved
  • Durable and waterproof, these cannabis plant labels will remain attached and legible, even in damp, humid environments
  • Available in a variety of colors, perfect for color coding and breeding of unique plant strains
  • Can be printed with various high-quality barcodes and variable information for enhanced tracking and traceability
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Pot Stakes – Plant Stakes & Flower Labeling

Our Plastic Pot Stakes are thermal transfer (black and white) and color (inkjet) imprintable. The thickness and width of the pot stake will determine which printer you will require. Contact our printer specialists. Please note:

  • Pot Stakes are manufactured as side-by-side on a roll, not end-to-end.
  • Thermal printers that print over 4-inch wide are considered oversized i.e. 6 or 8 inch wide.
  • Only Near-Edge printers are capable of printing pot stakes .020 and .022 in thickness.
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Printers, Scanners, & Software

Equip your grow-op, lab, or business with a complete labeling solution from Barcodes Etc. We offers printers, ribbons, barcoding software, scanners, and everything else you’ll need to securely and accurately identify your plants, samples, and packages. Ready-made printing kits are available, or you can build your own cannabis printing solution with the help of our knowledgeable scientific experts.


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