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  • Manufacturer: Entrust (formerly DataCard)

                          Manufacturer: Entrust (formerly DataCard)


Datacard Cleaning Cards are designed to keep your card printer functioning at optimal performance. These double-sided isopropyl coated cards efficiently remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants from card track and transport rollers, ensuring high-quality prints and extending the life of your card printer.


Double-sided isopropyl coated: The cleaning cards are coated with isopropyl alcohol, which effectively cleans debris and contaminants from the card track and transport rollers, maintaining printer performance and print quality.
Easy to use: Simply insert the cleaning card into your card printer, and it will automatically clean the rollers and card track as it passes through the printer.
Compatible with Datacard printers: These cleaning cards are designed for use with Datacard card printers and can help maintain optimal performance.
Prolong printer life: Regular use of cleaning cards can extend the life of your card printer by preventing build-up of debris and contaminants.
Convenient packaging: 10 cleaning cards per pack provide an ample supply for regular maintenance.
Ribbon kit inclusion: One cleaning card is included with each ribbon kit, ensuring that you replace the cleaning card in conjunction with each ribbon change for best results.

Usage Instructions:

Power off the card printer.
Remove the printer ribbon.
Insert the cleaning card into the card input hopper.
Power on the printer and initiate the cleaning process, as per the printer’s user manual.
Once the cleaning card has passed through the printer, discard it.
Reinstall the printer ribbon and resume normal operation.
Recommended usage: It is recommended to use a cleaning card in conjunction with each ribbon change, or at least once every 1,000 card prints, to maintain optimal printer performance and print quality.

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